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New Profile Posts

  1. CaptainCodpiece
    Just made an Overpoch for the wife think ill try Unleashed had soo much fun wiled away many an hr
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  2. JamesGoblin
    I feel good /whistles "Don't Worry Be Happy" =)
  3. SuncityAngel
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  4. Trevors
    Trevors Vegalyp
    hey, kelley recommended that I ask you for advice on how to set up a single player mission version of dayz unleashed. Have you been able to make a mission like this yourself? any pointers? thanks
  5. JagerFaust
    What the Crap
  6. Trevors
    although I don't mind a mk17 elgm RCO, I would rather be content with just a stg44 or a g3
  7. Infrared
    at this mod Unleashed
  8. Infrared
  9. El Grecco
    El Grecco
    looks what works on this mod ... be sure ... things not worked will be point out in forum immediately ... so let's have fun ;)
  10. Zenga
  11. Zenga
    IM STUCK in debug ocean can admin pls move me to land without killing me
  12. Churchie
    Back from Vacation err work sucked... but I am back!
  13. Skorge
    By the way I wasn't born in '77
  14. Skorge
    Havin fun down here in Tennessee!
  15. Indian
    NEED ADMIN HELP ASAP. BEEN STUCK IN THE WATER FOR WEEKS NOW!! I am in debug 17 km from shore...
  16. Muslim Bandit
    Muslim Bandit
    need a European server restart
    MKBADDOG nate9801
    Hey this is MKBADDOG, CO oF USCC, please contact me on the official DayZ Unleashed TS or supply your groups TS. Thank you.
  18. Flosstradamus
    Flosstradamus Churchie
    Hey churchie its floss obviously lol. Trying to get a hold of you. if possible add my skype blizzsource or hop on GC's teamspeak tomorrow around 9pm EST. Or give me some kind of contact info for ya.
  19. xrawdawg
    Gamin like a beast !
  20. MMuxy
    just looking for people to play with