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[ChangeLog] Post

Discussion in 'Site News' started by thevisad, Aug 13, 2013.

By thevisad on Aug 13, 2013 at 12:40 PM
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    If you want to see up to date information, you can follow our twitter feed here, this will show any and all changes that occure in the GIT repository. This post will be updated as we change major features for the next version.

    Current Version: 0.8
    Pending Version: 0.9

    0.9 Changelog
    [CHANGE] Updated server to brightest night sky in the year.
    [CHANGE] Removed damage from Butt attack, now has knockout chance
    [CHANGE] Fixed class selection images, no longer black
    [CHANGE] Added Revolver, bandage and flares as starting equipment
    [CHANGE] Tweaked Ai settings to make them more difficult, without modifying the equipment that they have.
    [CHANGE] Tweaked the spawn locations for the players to spread them out on the coast a little.
    [CHANGE] Minimized the Mission file, its now less then 1k and will transmit in a single packet from server to client
    [CHANGE] Removed Zedbase and readded as a new Unit that has been sanitized
    [CHANGE] Clothing revamp/class sanitization phase one
    [CHANGE] Changed TT650_INS to Civilian side
    [CHANGE] Moved Skins.hpp to CfgVehicles/Surivors.hpp
    [CHANGE] Cleaned up DUZedBase
    [CHANGE] Renamed Skins.hpp to Survivors.hpp
    [CHANGE] Moved distraction vehicle class from unleashed_pack to dayz_code
    [CHANGE] Revised DZ Classes
    [CHANGE] Survivor Changes
    [CHANGE] Cleaned up extra Gillie Suits
    [CHANGE] Moved dev skins to own file
    [CHANGE] Moved all units to WEST of Luzern
    [CHANGE] Changed base parcels for original skins over to new multi gener/humanity
    [CHANGE] Modified all skins Parcels to be multi gender/humanity.
    [CHANGE] Disabled buggy skins from use, will add in with parcel mgh framework
    [CHANGE] Updated loot tables with correct skin drops, locations should now make sense.
    [CHANGE] Corrected issues with the Bury Body command, this will now properly spawn all the bodies loot
    [CHANGE] Revamped the remove clothing system, when clothing is removed, the body will be placed in a body bag.

    [FIXED] Moved default spawn location on land to prevent issue with the player spawning in water while on land.
    [FIXED] Spawn location for Horw now works properly
    [FIXED] Skin selection systems
    [FIXED] Corrected issue with the loot spawns in buildings that were causing spawns to be very sporadic.
    [FIXED] Cleanup of the flies as bodies are deleted, buried or clothing removed

    [ADDED] BE Filters
    [ADDED] Added AntiHack schemes to database/Hive
    [ADDED] Additional cleanup routines to remove null values on player death.
    [ADDED] More Ai Spawns across the entire map, since map has been extended
    [ADDED] Crafting satchel charge from 2 grenades and 2 toilet paper rolls
    [ADDED] Multiple new building spawn locations have been added
    [ADDED] DayZ Epoch Base building
    [ADDED] Added M1030_DZ & MMT_DZ motorcycle and mountain bike
    [ADDED] Setup player id varible in server_playerLogin.sqf for custom developer
    [ADDED] Added second texture for trouble shooting.
    [ADDED] Multi player Scoreboard
    [ADDED] Additional female survivor units, some have resorted to wearing what they could find.
    [ADDED] MGH Skin framework - all skin parcels objects now support multiple models(3M/3F) that can apply 1-3 possible skins, all parcels have at least the male and one female skin.
    [ADDED] Ai skins have been selected and Ai are now the Biological Response Team
    [ADDED] Engineers do not have a have a chance to break tools while removing base objects
    [ADDED] Melee attack is only available to Soldier and Hunter classes
    [ADDED] Flip vehicle is only available to Soldier and Engineer classes
    [ADDED] Rigging Explosives is now only available for Soldier and Engineer classes
    [ADDED] Infection chance on blood transfusion 25% if not a medic
    [ADDED] Blood transfusion only provides 3000 blood instead of 12000 blood if not a medic
    [ADDED] Infection chance on morphine if not a Medic
    [ADDED] Solider Tackle time doubled, preventing tackling effects by Zeds.
    [ADDED] Medic can now self blood bag
    [ADDED] Hunter is now the only class to be able to gut animals/players

    [REMOVED] Removed banned classes since we dont use them.
    [REMOVED] Removed Skins.hpp
    [REMOVED] Removed bandit/hero leveling due to feedback.
    [REMOVED] Skins from the DAYZAI drop list, replaced with working multi
    [REMOVED] Removed duplicate vehicle classes.
    [REMOVED] Random Class selection
    [REMOVED] All Ai have been removed from the starting cities, there is still a chance a 'random' spawn could occur.
    [REMOVED] Removed Daimyo base building as it will not accomplish our end goal.
    [REMOVED] Other Player/bandit/zed markers from map.
    [REMOVED] Infection cure chance on player sleeping
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Discussion in 'Site News' started by thevisad, Aug 13, 2013.

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