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New sound effects added

Discussion in 'Site News' started by thevisad, Jul 13, 2013.

By thevisad on Jul 13, 2013 at 6:28 PM
  1. thevisad

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Discussion in 'Site News' started by thevisad, Jul 13, 2013.

    1. cyrq
      lol. Why?
      I guess people still don't get it.
      After BrOken Point used similar sounds for zeds, everyone's trying the same thing, not realizing that it's fucking dumb.
      Zombies in DayZ are infected people that run and attack you very fast. They're not Romero styled zeds!
      Thus using that kind of sound style is completely stupid and doesn't make any sense.
      The hit/damage sounds are nice though.
    2. Dblxross

      The reason a lot of people like different sounds is because of exactly that-they are different! For those of us who have been playing the Original DayZ Mod for a little over a year now, It has become very boring. The reason for this is because the original thrills and chills that DayZ used to give just doesn't give like it used to. This isn't something unique to DayZ, it happens to lots of other games as well. They don't have to be the most realistic sounds in the world in order to be refreshing. New sets of sounds for old things we all know and love can help to give it that little edge that makes a mod of a mod a cut above the rest.

      On another note, who are you to try and criticize a mod that you haven't contributed to? It would be acceptable if say, you were a dev, or even a site administrator. If for whatever reason it is absolutely necessary to do so, you don't have to present yourself as so negative and pessimistic. Not trying to contradict or start anything with you, its just I believe you don't have to come across so harshly. Also, it wouldn't have hurt if you had posted that in the suggestions rather than the official announcement, right? Just my two cents, not trying to offend anyone.

      Sound effects are great!
    3. cyrq
      I'm not saying that new sounds are bad. They simply don't match with the DayZ world.
      The sounds should be aggressive and more dynamic, matching the zombie behavior. Some of them may work pretty cool with the the zombie loiter state, but they simply fail when zeds are running 100 km/h attacking you. It sounds stupid and breaks immersion.

      Well, who knows. Maybe I've even contributed to it. It may even have some code that I've posted on opendayz - that would be cool ;)
      Sorry that you feel like I'm trying to criticize someone's work. That's not my point.
      I know all the guys who are working on this mod from opendayz (not from IRL ofc.) and they made some awesome things. I've also learned a lot from their work which helped me understand many things regarding SQF scripting.
      I'm just disappointed that no one thought about this - that's all.
      Also, I've posted here cause the topic isn't closed ,which i believe makes it open for discussion.
    4. thevisad
      These are by no means the final sounds, the sounds are actually being worked on by our Audio guy at the moment. He agreed that some of the sounds did not match and is resolving that issue.

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