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Yeah, Xyberviri and I realized that we had stepped away from the most important aspect, community. Our attempt to spin up a GSP was a partial success. We have the knowledge, the ability, the servers, the software and the technology available we just lack.... time for the lack of a better word. We have kept all of the servers and have dozens of games for our community to play. We have decided to refocus on our...
We have decided to open the repo's up for people to utilize the engine and have full access to all code, including the hive.
I just wanted to take a moment out and give an update. It's something I have a tendency to forget to do when I get ultra busy. Yes Unleashed is still around, yes it is still being worked on and hopefully we will get back to it shortly. We are right in the middle of spinning up a GSP (Game service provider) to be able to host our own mod. We decided that no one else knows the mod better then us, so why are we...