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Please check out Greyman clinic, thanks,enjoy............
The skill system is a unique system built into Unleashed by Xyberviri which allows us to expand the possibilities. There is virtually no limit in the system. This provides us a quick and easy way to save massive amounts of data per player, while only updating what is needed, when it is needed.
  • The over all stat that you obtain for doing things in the world. You will require 100...
I am sure that I have provided this before, but for those who would like to check the dev path you can use this.

1. Download DZC and use it to install base version
2. Download http://gaming.hngamers.com/dayzunleashed/setup.exe and install it
3. Use the patcher to keep yourself to the latest beta version of the client.
Previously we have had issues with the loot system due to many instabilities in the DayZ Loot code. We have completely rewritten the game mechanic behind the loot system. This change will allow us to dynamically set loot on any position within the game. Loot can be changed on the fly without the need to reboot the game server. The loot changes will occur instantly and in such a way that we can see real time...
Teleport yourself to the northern most island on the map! You can access this via the player stats screen http://www.dayzunleashed.com/dayz/index.php?op=player_stats

If you do not see an option to teleport your player, then click on the setup character button on the character information page and put in your Arma ID in the right field.
The dev client can bedownloaded from here, these files are all needed to test the client fully. You only need to download the updates files, the file date will indicate when they were changed. DayZ_code will usually be the only file to change, so once you have the others, there is no need to redownload them. This is a manual update and you will need to revert your client to connect to the live servers....
[ADDED] All New spawn loots into admin box
[ADED] All buildable objects into Admin box

[FIXED] Corrected issue with tents not saving properly for 0.96 (hack a billy)
[FIXED] Ai spawning on top of players

[CHANGED] Tweaked Ai levels and abilities (HNG Servers are unaffected)
[CHANGED] Spawned a single set of Ai on Suhrenfeld to resolve WW3 scenario playing out