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[FEATURE] Completely rewrote loot mechanic from game config to MySQL queries - this allows dynamically changing loot tables, completely weighted by surrounding buildings. \We can now generate per-game maximum items. This also allows tweaking loot spawns on the fly, making instant loot adjustments without the need to restart the server.

[FIXED] Corrected corrupted DayZ Epoch files, this should correct crafting...
The latest file patch has been posted to DayZ Commander and the files have been sent out to the host providers. You can now rent your very own DayZ Unleashed server from one of the following server providers. Contact them to setup your Unleashed server today!

Just a glimpse into the next patch, we are beginning to finalize the GUI system that will allow you to hone your skills for advancement in the game.
First two screens of the Unleashed storyboard have been completed. These were done by Keith Pollard, a good friend of mine. http://comicbook-art.com/keithpollard.htm These two screens comprise the first paragraph in the story here http://www.dayzunleashed.com/threads/dayz-unleashed-story.27/


Day Z: Unleashed 0.9 is now on DayZCommander, If you do not have it you can get it here. This should help the players that were having issues with our download utility.
This will be the rolling change log post for 0.9.5

[CHANGE] Updated DAYZAI to 1.9.1
[CHANGE] Added 1-3 clips to spawn with a weapon
[CHANGE] Converted Player classes over to a skill based system where users will gain performance enhancing abilities based on the number of times the class based skills have been used. (Repair car increases engineer abilities)
[CHANGE] Increased Aggro decay for kneeling and prone...
The servers are down right now for patching to 0.9. We will be switching over to DayZ Commander at this point. This is a big patch, over to 0.9 so this could take a bit. Also, this will be pushed to DayZ Commander; however, it could be a few days for this to appear in the list. The files are there, we are just waiting on the update to commander to occur.
This is the system that will be introduced in 0.9 enjoy the video!

If you want to see up to date information, you can follow our twitter feed here, this will show any and all changes that occure in the GIT repository. This post will be updated as we change major features for the next version.

Current Version: 0.8
Pending Version: 0.9

0.9 Changelog
[CHANGE] Updated server to brightest night sky in the year.