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If you want to see up to date information, you can follow our twitter feed here, this will show any and all changes that occure in the GIT repository. This post will be updated as we change major features for the next version.

Current Version: 0.8
Pending Version: 0.9

0.9 Changelog
[CHANGE] Updated server to brightest night sky in the year.
As you may have noticed, we are performing some website upgrades. We will be continuing the upgrades throughout the day and you will notice the features coming back online.
The game server, launcher download and config files have been moved over to the backup systems. We were expecting a short outage and have received no updates on any of the affected servers. I have talked with several host providers who indicated they have not heard of any resolution at this time. We will keep the servers at the backup location until the services are restored. Once this occurs, we will determine...

We're currently experiencing a downtime in our Kansas City datacentre location.
The NOC team have reported to us that they have experienced a fiber cut from their primary peer - Hurrican Electric - a few hours ago.
We have been aware of this issue...
We are aware that users are having troubles registering on the website. As far as we ca tell all services are working correctly. Please verify that your email is not sitting in your spam folder. I will manually handle all of these in a short while.
Completely new Features!
* New Map, Napf by MoMo
* Tons of new buildings
* New custom central Hive system
* Take Clothing
* Customized Player Crosses
* Customized Base Building
* Entirely New Zombie movement system! (Play to find out more!)
* Entirely new Agro system! (Play to find out more!)
* Vehicle Bombs!
* Swap positions with the Helicopter pilot!
* Drug effects
* Spawn Location system
* Class...