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Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures – Guards! Guards! Guards!

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Embrace epic tabletop adventures with Tytan Troll’s “Guards Guards Guards” collection at HNGamers. Unmatched detail & quality awaits!

Select the type of resin your prints should be in. Standard is lower cost, but the prints tend to be a little more brittle. Standard comes in multiple colors. Flexible has some give to it and is less likely to break but only comes in gray. Tough resin has flex and impact resistance and only comes in gray.


Earn up to 400 Points.

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Guards Guards Guards – The Ultimate Collection by Tytan Troll

Welcome to HNGamers, your one-stop shop for the most extraordinary tabletop miniatures! As a licensed reseller, we’re thrilled to present the “Guards Guards Guards” collection, meticulously crafted by Tytan Troll. Whether you’re looking to enhance your tabletop RPG experience or add some unique flair to your display, this collection has something for everyone.

Town Guards, City Guards, and More – Explore the Bundles!

Town Guards Bundle

  • Perfectly scaled to 32mm with a unique twist
  • Ideal for any tabletop gaming experience

City Guard Bundle

  • Bannerman, Commander, Fat Spearman, Skinny Spearman, Dead Guards, and more
  • Professionally crafted for a flawless gaming adventure

Werewolf Pack by Tytan Troll

  • Intricately designed to capture the wild essence of werewolves

Bandit, Brigand & Gang Bundles

  • A variety of characters, each with a unique design
  • A must-have for any fantasy-themed collection

Goblin Raider Pack, Goblin Spearman Bundle

  • Goblins crafted with precision
  • Scale to your liking or enjoy as is for an authentic 32mm model

Orc Bundle


  • Immerse yourself in the world of orcs with this exceptional bundle

RatPack Bundle

  • Unleash the ratpack in your gaming sessions

Crypt Skeleton Bundle


  • Bring the undead to life with these cryptic skeleton models

Why Choose the “Guards Guards Guards” Collection by Tytan Troll?

  • Unparalleled Detail: Each model is professionally crafted by Tytan Troll with attention to detail.
  • Unique Scaling: Models are scaled to 32mm, but you can adjust them to fit your needs.
  • Ready for Adventure: Specifically designed for tabletop gaming, these models are ready to be part of your next campaign.

Join the Creator’s Community

Connect with Tytan Troll and other enthusiasts in the community where you can ask questions and suggest future projects.

Order Your Guards Guards Guards Collection Today!

Here at HNGamers, we’re honored to offer this extensive collection by Tytan Troll of guards, goblins, orcs, and more. Bring your tabletop games to life or showcase these stunning miniatures on your shelf. With options to customize and scale, the possibilities are endless.

Order Now and embark on an adventure with the “Guards Guards Guards” collection by Tytan Troll. Unleash the guards and let the games begin!


Bandit Bundle, Bandit Bundle 2, Brigand Bundle, City Barriers, City Guard Bundle, City Guard Bundle 2, Crypt Skeleton Bundle, Goblin Raider Pack, Goblin Spearman Bundle, Northern Quarter, Orc Bundle, RatPack Bundle, Town Guards Bundle, Werewolf Pack


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