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The Mechanical Hive – Livin Machine Models by bluart

The Mechanical Hive by bluart are highly detailed models representing different forms of the Hive, showcasing the fusion of flesh and machine.

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Welcome to HNGamers, where we bring the realms of imagination to life through our exquisite miniatures. We are thrilled to present the Mechanical Hive Collection, created by bluart, a set of highly detailed miniatures that tell a tale of war, evolution, and the unrelenting march of mechanical life forms.

The Mechanical Hive: A Saga of Metal and Flesh

In a world consumed by ceaseless conflict, two empires forged from iron and flesh clashed, each embodying a different vision of existence. One praised the might of metal, the other embraced the power of the flesh. Their battle would have raged eternally if not for the intervention of an alien race, forcing them to unite.

From the ashes of war emerged the Mechanical Hive, a terrifying entity born of both empires, endlessly hungry to expand its domain. This collection explores the various forms of the Hive, from drones to formidable warriors, each miniature capturing a facet of this relentless force.

The Miniatures

Gun Drone: Expandable meat shields that swarm the battlefield, armed with small-caliber weapons.

Obsidian Form: A walking gun, heavily armored and designed to break any resistance with a steady stream of heavy fire.

Oppressor Form: Equipped for close combat and robust defense, this form is a lethal non-command creature in the Hive.

Custo Form: The backbone of the Hive, providing essential firepower and protection as they advance on enemy lines.

Volantes Form: Airborne creatures that darken the skies, raining acid and overwhelming enemy aircraft with sheer numbers.

Each of these miniatures is a work of art, capturing the essence of a universe where technology and biology intertwine, where the boundaries between machine and flesh blur.

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The Mechanical Hive Collection by bluart is an exclusive offering, available only at HNGamers. Whether you’re a collector, a gamer, or a lover of intricate miniatures, this collection offers a glimpse into a world of mechanical wonders and biological marvels.


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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 7.5 cm

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