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Random Miniature – Unleash the Excitement with Mystery Boxes

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Unleash the thrill of a Random Miniature Adventure! Buy a mystery box and discover an exciting mini to paint from our vast collection.

Select the type of resin your prints should be in. Standard is lower cost, but the prints tend to be a little more brittle. Standard comes in multiple colors. Flexible has some give to it and is less likely to break but only comes in gray. Tough resin has flex and impact resistance and only comes in gray.


Earn up to 300 Points.

Sold By: HNGamers

Embark on a Miniature Adventure!

Unlock the thrill of the unknown with our mystery boxes. Each box is a surprise, filled with stunning miniatures. Discover unique designs. Paint them your way. Whether a rare gem or a beautiful model, the excitement awaits. Immerse yourself in joy.

Value Beyond Price!

Our miniatures exceed the price you pay. Purchase a mystery box today. Unveil rare and valuable models. Collect unique pieces. The possibilities are endless. Your collection will thrive. Quality and detail guaranteed.

A Collector’s Delight!

Build your collection with our extensive assortment. From detailed designs to valuable rarities, our miniatures are a treasure. A mystery in every box. A thrill in every unboxing. Join the adventure. Enhance your collection.

Painting Enthusiasts Rejoice!

Love painting miniatures? Our mystery boxes offer endless possibilities. Receive detailed models. Paint them to perfection. Showcase your creativity. Embrace the artist in you. Our miniatures await your touch.

The Perfect Gift!

Looking for a unique gift? Surprise a loved one with a miniature adventure. A mystery box filled with wonder. A gift of joy and creativity. Make memories. Share the excitement. A gift they’ll never forget.


3, 5, 7, 9


fatasy, scifi, series, truely random


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