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Where Legends Fall: Astral Horrors by Sync Ratio Systems

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Where Legends Fall: Astral Horrors by Sync Ratio Systems

Delve into the mysterious and terrifying realm of the Astral Horrors with this exclusive collection created by Sync Ratio Systems. As a licensed merchant with reselling rights for these resin prints, we’re proud to present a total of 32 intricately designed miniatures for 3D printing, complete with Lychee files and supports.

Included in the Collection:

Astral Juggernaut

  • Scale: 120mm oval base
  • A fearsome centerpiece that embodies the power and terror of the astral realm.

Astral Watchers Versions 1, 2, and 3

  • Scale: 50mm flight base
  • These mystical watchers guard the secrets of the cosmos and offer unique poses for each version.

Brain Hound Miniatures

  • Scale: 25mm bases
  • Four different grotesque Brain Hound miniatures, each with its own individual base.

Brain Beak Miniatures

  • Scale: 25mm bases
  • Four distinct Brain Beak miniatures, creatures of intellect and horror.

Astral Guppies

  • Scale: 20mm flight bases
  • Four Astral Guppies, small but mysterious entities from the astral plane.

Asteroid Terrain Pieces

  • Three versions of asteroid terrain, perfect for creating an immersive battlefield.

A Complete Set for Collectors and Gamers

The Where Legends Fall: Astral Horrors collection offers a wide range of miniatures, each crafted with precision and imagination. Whether you’re a collector seeking unique pieces or a gamer looking to enhance your tabletop experience, this set is a must-have.

Order Your Astral Horrors Today

This exclusive collection is available for purchase through our store, and as a licensed merchant, we guarantee the quality and authenticity of these resin prints. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the enigmatic world of the Astral Horrors and add this one-of-a-kind set to your collection.

Please review our terms and conditions for purchase. All products are subject to availability, and Sync Ratio Systems reserves the right to modify or discontinue products without notice.

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