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HNGamers 3D Print Cost Calculator

Welcome to the HNGamers 3D Print Cost Calculator – your essential tool for accurate and efficient cost estimation of 3D printing projects. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to budget for a personal project or an Etsy seller aiming to price your creations competitively, our calculator is designed to make the process seamless.

To get started, input the specifics of your print job. Begin with the filament details, including its original weight and cost. Then, provide insights about your printer, including its life expectancy, maintenance costs, and overall price. Factor in the intricacies of the print job itself: the weight of the print, the number of items, and the estimated print time. Don’t forget to account for the time it takes for setup and cleanup, especially if you’re paying someone for these tasks. Once all details are in, you can also apply a retail markup and, for those selling on platforms like Etsy, an additional markup percentage to cover platform fees. Click ‘Calculate’, and the tool will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the total cost and the cost per item. It’s that simple!

Harness the power of precise estimation and make informed decisions with the HNGamers 3D Print Cost Calculator. Happy printing!

HNGamers Print cost calculator

HNGamers Print cost calculator


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Cost Breakdown:

Filament Cost: $0.00

Worker Cost: $0.00

Printer Maintenance Cost: $0.00

Printer Depreciation Cost: $0.00

Raw Cost: $0.00

Cost After Retail Markup: $0.00

Cost After Etsy Markup: $0.00

Cost Per Item After All Markups: $0.00