Bridging the virtual and real: Benefits of a digital twin

 Get up to speed on how digital twin technology is changing how manufactured products and infrastructure projects are designed, brought to market, and maintained.

What exactly is a digital twin? A digital twin is a fully working virtual copy of a real-world system. It combines data sets across multiple sources, from design data (e.g., CAD) to Internet of Things data. Feeding these data into digital twin software built on top of a real-time 3D platform, you can create a digital system model to simulate the behavior of a system, exactly as it would perform in the real world. 

We recently teamed up with to host a webinar, “Real-time 3D and digital twins: The power of a virtual visual copy.” In addition to Unity experts, we were joined by Guido van Gageldonk, co-founder and CTO of Unit040, one of our Verified Solution Partners that provides Prespective, a digital twin platform for the industrial market.

Watch the webinar on replay to find out: 

What you need to build a digital twin
How to create a digital twin and use it across the product lifecycle
Real-world examples of digital twins in manufacturing and infrastructure


Watch the webinar


Before watching the whole thing, you may want a quick primer on digital twins. Here are some key topics covered in the webinar: Read More aec | Unity Technologies Blog 

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