Learn 3D art optimization for mobile with Arm


Our new course, 3D Art Optimization for Mobile Applications, is designed for technical artists and content creators. Upskill your mobile game dev skills with 8 hours of materials on optimizing geometry, shaders, lighting and more. Mobile games can demonstrate a range of problems. A game may exhibit low frame rates, appear jumpy, make your phone warm, and use up considerable battery life. Throttling and frame rate drops can frustrate players and take away from the game’s experience. These issues may be caused by a complex model or an unoptimized shader. But optimizing 3D assets for mobile devices can prove challenging because of the variety of mobile hardware and their differing capabilities and limitations. Artists and creators have to balance bringing their visions to life while working within the capabilities of mobile hardware. We teamed up with our partner Arm to bring Unity creators a new intermediate-level Unity Learn course, 3D Art Optimization for Mobile Applications. Arm is the intellectual property (IP) semiconductor company behind the pervasive Arm Cortex® CPUs and Arm Mali GPUs.

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