Learn the Input System with updated tutorials and our sample project, Warriors

 With the Input System, you can quickly set up controls for multiple platforms, from mobile to VR. Get started with our example projects and new video tutorials for beginners and intermediate users.

Input is at the heart of what makes your real-time projects interactive. Unity’s system for input standardizes the way you implement controls and provides new advanced functionality. It’s verified for Unity 2019 LTS and newer versions (see the documentation for a full list of supported input devices). 

Our new tutorial content can help you to get started quickly, even if you’re completely new to developing for multiple platforms. If you’re already familiar with the workflows, learn more about how to use the Input System to drive (other) Unity tools like Cinemachine or Unity UI with Warriors, our main example project.

This Meet the Devs session from March explains why we created this new system and includes  a demo that outlines workflows for setting up local multiplayer, quickly adding gamepad controls, spawning new players, and implementing mobile controls. Rene Damm, the lead developer of the Input System, also answers questions from the audience about tooling and the team’s roadmap. Read More technology | Unity Technologies Blog 

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