Lexus opens the door for virtual production in Unity


Car buyers increasingly expect rich and unique online experiences during their purchase journeys. In this post, learn how Lexus is using Unity to reimagine the production process for advertising/marketing content – ultimately paving the way for the automaker and its creative partners to create high-fidelity imagery and videos faster, more cost-effectively, and at an unprecedented scale.  We recently collaborated with Lexus and its agency Team One to create a real-time configurator showcasing the Lexus ES MY19. While you may be familiar with consumer-focused car configurators – commonly seen in web-based “build and price” tools – this new process provides richer capabilities for industry professionals.  First, it was purpose-built for developing virtual productions that are too difficult or too expensive to create in the real world. Additionally, instead of providing a generic user experience, it opens up a full-scale vehicle in real-time – with interactive components – letting Lexus and Team One tailor the car’s appearance, setting, perspective, time of day and more. With this new process, professionals can switch move through configurations, switching trims and paint colors on the fly. View the car at night or from any angle. Ditto for swapping out interior options. When they’ve tailored and staged their ideal vehicle, they can capture the perfect shot through a virtual single-lens reflex (SLR) camera. And that spells innovation for Lexus.

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