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Atavism Linux Server – Auth Installation

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Atavism Server Installation & Configuration

Atavism Server Installation & Configuration is a one-hour service package to install, configure and secure a server and its related components.

Atavism Auth Server Installation

This provides .5 hours of installation time for the setup and configuration of the Atavism User Authentication service.

Atavism Store Integration - 1000 Users

Atavism WooCommerce Store Plugin Installation - Professional Support Services

Get professional installation assistance for the Atavism Store Plugin with up to 0.5 hours of support. Includes Ioncube Loader installation and plugin implementation.

Windows and Linux Server Configuration

Get up to 1 hour of Windows and Linux support from HNGamers for server stand up, repair service, installation service, repair hosting, networking, and Bash Scripting.

$60.00 each

Earn up to 13,050 Points.

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This bundle provides an Atavism Linux server installation and Auth installation on your current version of WordPress. Since it comes with multiple packages and this allows easier installation and configuration, there is a small discount included. Server is not provided for this purpose, you will use your own server for this.


  • WordPress Login
  • Game Server username and password
  • Game Server Database IP, username and password

Issues outside of our control that extend the time for support will require support additional time. Things to verify to ensure that all support time will be utilized properly.

  • Firewall
  • Username and Passwords
  • Server IPs
  • Any specific instructions


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