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Grand Fleet Admiral – Arreki Fleet


Arreki Singularity Fleet Pack: Curated 1000-point space models, perfect for 3-4 Combat Groups. Premium 3D printed, poised for interstellar action. Available at HNGamers.

Earn up to 650 Points.

Sold By: HNGamers

Arreki Singularity: Triumph in Adversity

Discover the Arreki Singularity, a faction marked by betrayal, resilience, and a haunting past. Originating as an early colony of the Sino-Russian Pact, their journey has been marred by treachery and unforeseen challenges. As pioneers venturing far from old Urth using the Node Transit Network, their hopes and dreams were tethered to the promise of “The Pill” – a genetic adaptation drug meant to enhance lifespan and facilitate adaptation to alien environments. However, deceit lurked in the shadows. A compromised pharmaceutical supply led to mutations beyond comprehension, casting a pall over Arreki’s future.

The Arreki Singularity fleet, born from a tragic mishap during the early colonization efforts by the Sino-Russian Pact, now stands as a testament to resilience and adaptability. The Arreki were victims of a pharmaceutical error that led to intense mutations. As the mutated colonists fought for their survival against the very people who caused their plight, they evolved, developing serpentine tails, armored scales, and multiple arms. Today, having established their own empire called the Singularity, they are a force to be reckoned with, especially against the Sino-Russian Pact.

Faction Bonuses:

  • Sensor Cloaking: Arreki ships employ a unique deployment method using “sensor blips” to hide their exact locations until they are detected by an enemy within 8″. This cloaking ability allows them to surprise enemies, unleashing devastating first strikes.
  • Sensor Shadows: Arreki Grand Admirals can deploy decoy “sensor blips” to mislead enemies.
  • Independent Fighters: Arreki fighters operate without the need for carrier support.

Arreki Singularity Fleet:
The Arreki Singularity fleet is known for its stealth, electronic warfare, and sensor cloaking capabilities. Their ships are constructed from advanced stealthy polymers and use minimal shielding to maintain a low power signature. This makes them difficult to detect until they are right on top of an enemy. Furthermore, their expertise in electronic warfare, particularly sensor cloaking, allows them to engage in surprise attacks, keeping their adversaries constantly on edge.

Key Highlights:

  • Turbulent Origins: Navigate the intricate history of the Arreki Singularity, from their early days as hopeful colonists to their transformation into a force with a distinct identity.
  • Unique Ships: Command a fleet that embodies the Arreki spirit. Each ship, intricately designed and 3D printed, tells a story of their journey and resilience.
  • A Faction with Depth: Delve into the political, social, and military nuances of the Arreki Singularity, reflecting their struggles and triumphs.

At HNGamers, as a licensed reseller, we are thrilled to bring you the Arreki Singularity fleet pack. Dive into a world of strategy, lore, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting, the Arreki Singularity is a faction that promises a rich and immersive tabletop gaming experience.

3d Miniatures

Dive into the vast cosmos with the Arreki Singularity Fleet Pack for thrilling micro-space combats.

Our fleet is designed as single-piece entities, eliminating the need for assembly. Just affix to the flight stand, and let the space opera begin! All models are delivered unpainted.

The ships are crafted from premium UV-cured resin, 3D printed to perfection with an ultra-smooth 30um layer finish. Please note that the color might slightly differ.

All measurements are approximate.

3D PRINTED COMPONENTS: Crafted with superior 3D printed photopolymer resin, every component is supplied cleaned & cured. Minor adjustments like filing or sanding might be needed to perfect the finish. Handle with care as the rigid material can produce sharp edges if broken.

This product is sold as a comprehensive model kit. Prior modeling expertise recommended.

SAFETY FIRST – Please ensure to wear an appropriate mask when refining resin components.


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GFA - Arreki Singularity

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