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Grand Fleet Admiral: The Anglo-European Alliance Fleet

Engage in epic space battles with the Anglo-European Alliance Fleet from Grand Fleet Admiral, the largest scale fleet-on-fleet tabletop game.

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Welcome to HNGamers, where we present to you the Anglo-European Alliance Fleet from the game Grand Fleet Admiral. Dive into epic space battles and engage in the largest scale fleet-on-fleet tabletop game on the market. The ruleset is designed for an immersive experience with up to and beyond 100 ships on the table at any given time. With HNGamers, a licensed reseller of the asset, your next battle is just a click away.

The Anglo-European Alliance: A Force of Freedom

Rising from the ruins of the European Union, the Anglo-European Alliance stands as the champions of freedom and diversity in the face of unrestrained Sino-Russian aggression. Their sphere of influence extends across Urth and the old solar system, and with the invention of the Node Drive, they have taken their influence to the stars.

Political Landscape:

The Alliance began as a mutual defense treaty of nations but has morphed into a dominant single government. Despite the solidification of political power, deep cultural divides remain, making for intriguing politics. The Alliance maintains the air of a democratically elected democracy, with real power firmly held within the bureaucracy.

Economic Reach:

With control over European and Atlantic regions of Old Urth and portions of Sol’s asteroid belt, the Alliance boasts a decentralized economy. Each colony world is economically independent, a strength that has served them well against blockades by the Sino-Russian Pact.

Military Might:

A first-rate space power, the Anglo-European Alliance is built to engage the Pact on equal footing anywhere in space. With cutting-edge ships and lethal kinetic weapons and missiles, the Alliance Fleet is a symbol of power and protection across known space.

Genetic Manipulation:

While genetic manipulation has been limited within the Alliance due to historical failures, a group known as the Olympians is trying to perfect the human body, often guided by mythological influences. Their members may sport mermaid tails, bull-like features, or wings, adding a unique aspect to the Alliance.

The Game: Grand Fleet Admiral

  • Scale: Grand Fleet Admiral aims to be the largest scale fleet-on-fleet tabletop game, allowing for massive battles with 100 or more ships on the table.
  • Fleet Options: The Anglo-European Alliance Fleet is one of multiple fleets available, offering varied strategies and playstyles.
  • Tactical Depth: With a rich background and intricate game mechanics, players can immerse themselves in strategic warfare, both on old Urth and among the stars.

Get Your Anglo-European Alliance Fleet Today!

Embark on a journey with the Anglo-European Alliance and engage in epic battles that will determine the fate of the galaxy. Order your fleet from HNGamers and become a part of the growing community of Grand Fleet Admiral players.

Whether you align with the bureaucratic control of the Alliance or champion them as the bastion of freedom, the choice is yours. The battle for space awaits.

Note: Please refer to the game rules and guidelines provided with the purchase. The depiction of the Anglo-European Alliance is a part of the fictional universe created for Grand Fleet Admiral. All information is intended for gameplay and entertainment purposes.

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