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Tytan Troll – Curse of Strahd

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Select the type of resin your prints should be in. Standard is lower cost, but the prints tend to be a little more brittle. Standard comes in multiple colors. Flexible has some give to it and is less likely to break but only comes in gray. Tough resin has flex and impact resistance and only comes in gray.


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Welcome to the realm of Barovia! Dive deep into your next tabletop adventure with our meticulously designed and professionally 3D printed miniatures, inspired by the infamous Curse of Strahd campaign. This unique collection by TytanTrollMiniatures and printed by Ricetools, offers a diverse range of characters, creatures, and accessories to bring your game to life.

This collection features the following 3D printed miniatures:

Mad Mary
Lady Watcher
Pack of Werewolves
Band of Animated Armours
Hell Hounds
Needle Blight
Bandit (Mace)
Brigand (Two Daggers)
City Guard Spearman
Halfling Barkeeper
Goblin Archer 02
Goblin Chess Pawn
Goblin Spearman 02
Orc Spearman 01
Boar 002
Skeleton Mage (Staff)
Crypt Skeleton 002
Spectre 002 (With Flying Base)
Vampire Spawn (Male 03)
Werewolf 01
Animated Armour 001
Gang Leader Bust
Bruiser Bust
Goblin Topknot Bust
Base Topper Bundle

Each figure is 3D printed with high-quality resin, promising detailed features and durability.


Each miniature has a height ranging from 25mm to 35mm, a perfect scale for most tabletop RPGs. Please contact us for specific dimensions for each figure.

Processing Time:

Each order takes about 1-2 weeks to print and ship, depending on order volume.

Custom Orders:

We welcome custom orders! Please feel free to message us with any specific characters or creatures you’d like to see brought to life.


Please note, these miniatures are sold unpainted. Also, due to the nature of 3D printing, there may be minor imperfections.

Thank you for choosing Ricetools and supporting independent artists. May your next adventure in Barovia be unforgettable!

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 cm
Model Name

TTM_0527_Anastrasya, TTM_0527_AnastrasyaBust, TTM_0527_AnastrasyaBustF, TTM_0527_AnastrasyaBustFS, TTM_0527_AnastrasyaF, TTM_0527_AnastrasyaFS, TTM_0528_Escher, TTM_0528_EscherBust, TTM_0528_EscherBustF, TTM_0528_EscherBustFS, TTM_0528_EscherF, TTM_0528_EscherFS, TTM_0529_Ludmilla, TTM_0529_LudmillaBust, TTM_0529_LudmillaBustF, TTM_0529_LudmillaBustFS, TTM_0529_LudmillaF, TTM_0529_LudmillaFS, TTM_0530_Pidlwick, TTM_0530_PidlwickBust, TTM_0530_PidlwickBustF, TTM_0530_PidlwickBustFS, TTM_0530_PidlwickF, TTM_0530_PidlwickFS, TTM_0531_Volenta, TTM_0531_VolentaBust, TTM_0531_VolentaBustF, TTM_0531_VolentaBustFS, TTM_0531_VolentaF, TTM_0531_VolentaFS


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