Unity Safe Mode available in 2020.2 beta

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Unity Safe Mode is available in Unity 2020.2 beta. This improves how Unity behaves when opening a project that has script compilation errors.

If there are compilation errors at Editor startup, you will be prompted to enter Safe Mode. This mode is designed to provide the best environment for resolving compilation errors, so that you can quickly return your project to a functional state, without waiting for all of your project’s assets to be imported. This feature will simplify and speed up the process of upgrading a project to a new Unity version, and it will help teams working on large projects by reducing the number of cases in which the library folder contains incorrect import artifacts.

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Validate your skills with a Unity Certification

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As the world’s leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D content, Unity and those with Unity skills play an integral role in bringing these experiences to life. With surging demand in these industries, people with Unity skills are more coveted than ever, making this an opportune time to build and advance your Unity skills. 

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