Unity and .NET, what’s next?

We’ve recently started a multiyear initiative to help you write more performant code faster and deliver long-term stability and compatibility. Read on to find out what we’re doing to update the foundational tech stack behind your scripts.

Profiling in Unity 2021 LTS: What, when, and how

Developing expertise with Unity’s suite of profiling tools is one of the most useful skills you can add to your game development toolbox. Thorough profiling can massively boost the performance of your game, so we want to help you get started with key tips from our newly released e-book, Ultimate guide to profiling Unity games.

Join Unity at Autodesk University 2021

  Register for Autodesk University 2021 and learn from industry experts who are innovating in fields like architecture, engineering, construction, design, manufacturing, and media and entertainment.  Read More aec | Unity …